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General Studio Policies
  • Regular attendance and home practice is key to successfully learning a new skill, whether it be a musical
    instrument or dance.  Please ensure your child attends lessons regularly and stays for the full class time.
  • All fees must be paid on time to continue lessons.  For convenience, monthly tuition is paid with an Auto
    Pay system.  Please see Tuition and Fees and your registration form for details.
  • No food or drink (other than water) is allowed in the teaching rooms.  Forgotten water bottles will be
    thrown away nightly.
  • No gum chewing in the studio.
  • Students may not use cell phones during class times at all.  It is disruptive to the teacher and other
    students.  If you need to reach your child during class, call the studio number and we will give them a
    message.  Adults waiting should take their conversations outside to keep the noise level down in the
    waiting room, and for privacy.
  • No friends, parents or siblings allowed in teaching rooms other than designated days such as Bring-a-
    Friend week or observance days.  Parents are allowed to observe private music lessons in the room.  
    Otherwise, all classes are observed through closed circuit TV's in the waiting rooms or through the viewing
  • Students should arrive no more than 15 minutes before class, and must be picked up promptly after
    classes.  Siblings may not be left without adult supervision in waiting rooms.  Office staff may or may not be
    available but are not there to babysit.  The Studio cannot be responsible for unattended children.
  • Parents are allowed to wait during class time in the waiting room, although space is limited.  Siblings also
    waiting must be kept quiet and orderly.  Please do not allow them to move or climb on furniture.
  • Parents should check their family folders weekly and read all notices.  Communication is critical and this is
    your main way to stay informed.  Most notices are available on our website as well.

Dance Class Etiquette:
  1. Arrive 10 minutes early, ready to dance.  Older students should take this time to warm-up, put on shoes
    and put hair up.
  2. No chewing gum or eating during class time.  Only bring water into the dance room.
  3. No jewelry should be worn during dance class.
  4. Wear proper dance wear and dance shoes to all classes, with hair pulled out of face.
  5. Keep talking and chit chat to a minimum, especially when your teacher is teaching.
  6. Pay attention to your teacher, always.  Never openly challenge or talk back to your teacher as this is
  7. Participate fully in each class.  Get the most out of every class.  Your hard work will pay off.
  8. Be respectful to your fellow dancers by listening to their questions, helping each other, taking turns and
    being friendly.
  9. Find your space in the dance room, either where placed by a teacher or on your own, making sure you
    have the space you need.
  10. Have a good attitude and be open minded.  Learning is a process and some things will not come naturally.  
    You must try to succeed.
    Enjoy & have fun!
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